The planet happens to be wrapped in yard and you will couples formations

[Scene: The entire year 50 billion. Their society all are stunning human women. Because they appear, the ladies instantly observe her or him due to the fact time travelers.] Women #1: Greetings, date tourist.

People #3: I’ve mastered a technique using bad mass neutrino industries that allow us to travel in reverse with time.

[He produces an excellent fart sound and you can do a thumbs down into the disapproval.] Females #1: We could speak about our very own research the next day. The male is really uncommon inside our people. Also very old and you will stupid guys are valued. [Farnsworth and you may Fry smiles.] Tonight, delight function as guests off honor in the our fertility meal.

[The guy pulls the latest switch, all someone else gasp.] [Scene: Go out servers. Farnsworth cries and you may Fry are displeased.] Farnsworth: Zero! I became planning to romantic the deal.

[It strive. Fry stands up.] Fry: Prevent. Someplace, some time, Leela’s waiting for me. We must keep searching for a good in reverse date host.

[Scene: Away from date machine. It exit.] Farnsworth: I’d an atmosphere this might be exactly the reason for big date we’ve been looking. [Which coming is wholly shielded into the a dead wasteland, level as far as the fresh new sight are able to see.] Nope. [Farnsworth uses up an instrument one scans the area and you may transforms right up a keen X on the their monitor and buzzes.] Actually, every life is extinct.

[Fry weeps. And starts to walk-around alone regarding the desert. He notices a cave.] Fry: This new Cave toward Environmentally friendly.

I favor you

[Scene: Cavern with the Eco-friendly. It is simply a cavern.] Fry: I caused it to be, Leela. Disappointed, I’m a great mil age later.

[Fry observes some text written in the fresh new rock formations towards the soil, you start with ‘Dear Fry’.] [Scene: Globe Express: Fulfilling place. The year 3050. Planet Share was an even bigger business than before. Cubert was an old boy who is playing with their yoyo. Enter an amount elderly Leela which appears obviously frustrated.] Old Leela: You’re going to get their alimony cheque, Cubert. Now get lost.

Confident, she makes

[Enter Amy. Old Amy is Amy’s at once a robot.] Old Amy: Move it, boy-model. Granny’s bringing one to Atlantic Area.

[Leela is not captivated. Amy attacks Cubert into butt as they hop out. Enter Hermes’ direct during the a jar hopping with the an effective pogo-stick.] Dated Hermes: I am not sure precisely why you ever hitched you to pig-nostrils punk.

Dated Leela: I am not sure sometimes. I’m hitched for the jobs now. [This new light let you know of the time host looks trailing Leela and you may the brand new birthday celebration card appear traveling aside.] We familiar with think there clearly was some one for me, but- [She becomes hit of the credit and you may drops over.] Aw! [She consist up with the newest credit.] How odd, it’s those types of old checklist-your-own-content birthday notes.

[She opens it, Fry is found on display screen.] Fry: [towards card] Happy birthday celebration, Leela. Winston-Salem escort service I am very sorry I’m will be an extra later, due to the fact we have been assessment the fresh new professor’s dumb big date server. However see, happier birthday celebration and all and. [He leans closer to new cards.] . [Regarding the records, enough time servers goes of. The fresh new cards disappears regarding Fry.] My credit!

[The video clips continues on because it leaves enough time host. It strikes Leela from the direct. They stops.] Old Leela: My lifetime I was furious during the your. Also it was not their blame.

[Scene: The brand new Nyc: Path level. The season 3050. Old Leela was walking by yourself, disheartened. She is at the fresh new Cavern on Eco-friendly which includes today already been signed. She enters.] [Scene: Cavern into green. The entire year 3050. It continues to have signs of being a restaurant. Leela appears inside the empty area. She actually starts to spring up from the threshold. Go out lapses because drops slip throughout the ceiling to make new stone structures on the floor who has the content, ‘Dear Fry, our very own date along with her was brief, nonetheless it are local plumber regarding my life. -Leela’. The fresh new lapse ends just like the Fry is position there reading it in step one,100000,000,100000 A beneficial.D.] Leela: [voice-over] Precious Fry, our time with her are small, it try the optimum time off living.